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L’Oréal Gift Sets and support Breast Cancer Research

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Each time you play a Pioneer ream code to win a L’Oréal Gift Set, we’ll donate 3€ to support breast cancer research. The more you play, the more we give!

Get the code from the back of any Pioneer paper ream and play!

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Over the years, L’Oréal has been the perfect help for women to maintain their skin fresh, vibrant and energetic. Simply perfect as we desire to feel.

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Why Breast Cancer Research Projects?

“It’s necessary to return to laboratory, to the origin of everything. It’s the only way we make the fight against the disease more effective. This is our belief.”

Lynne Archibald, Fundo iMM-Laço’s advisor

Power the fight against Breast Cancer and help women all over the world to live a better and healthier life!

Each time you play a new Pioneer ream code, we’ll donate 3€ to support Breast Cancer research projects.

Join us with your energy in powering the fight against breast cancer.